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The view down Jacob's Ladder, looking onto Jamestown

In 1829, the Saint Helena Railway Company built an inclined-plane cableway on Saint Helena.[1] It was intended to lift supplies from the port and capital of Jamestown up to Ladder Hill Fort.[2] It was rebuilt as a long, steep staircase, by the Royal Engineers in 1871, and is now known as Jacob’s Ladder.[3] It is designated as a Grade I listed feature.[4]

The staircase is now lit and can be used to climb up Ladder Hill, where the suburb of Half Tree Hollow has developed. The staircase consists of 699 steps and ascends 183 metres (600 ft). A timed run takes place up Jacob's Ladder every year, with people coming from around the world to take part.


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Coordinates: 15°55′32″S 5°43′09″W / 15.9256°S 5.7192°W / -15.9256; -5.7192