Saint Helena general election, 2013

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Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha

General elections were held in Saint Helena on 17 July 2013.[1]

Electoral system[edit]

The 12 elected members of the Legislative Council were elected in a single constituency, with voters having 12 votes to cast. This marked a change from the 2009 elections, which saw Council members elected in two six-seat constituencies.[1] A further three ex officio members were appointed to the Council.

A total of 20 candidates registered for the elections.[1]


Candidate Votes Notes
Ian Sebastian Rummery 894 Elected
Lawson Arthur Henry 857 Elected
Nigel Dollery 845 Elected
Christine Lilian Scipio-O’Dean 771 Elected
Cyril Robert George 711 Elected
Leslie Paul Baldwin 680 Elected
Brian William Isaac 678 Elected
Derek Franklin Thomas 594 Elected
Anthony Arthur Green 570 Elected
Wilson Charles Duncan 536 Elected
Gavin George Ellick 511 Elected
Bernice Alicia Olsson 502 Elected
Audrey Mavis Constantine 419
Brenda Elaine Moors 405
Stedson Robert George 355
Earl Hilton Henry 338
Cyril Keith Gunnell 230
Mervyn Robert Yon 202
Lionel George Williams 188
Raymond Kenneth Williams 153
Invalid/blank votes 6
Total 1,267
Registered voters/turnout 2,309 54.87
Source: Government of St Helena, St Helena Online