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Saint Himelin
Vissenaken Himelinus 3.jpg
Died c. 750
Vissenaken (Tienen)
Venerated in Roman Catholic Church
Major shrine Vissenaken
Feast March 10
Attributes Depicted as a pilgrim, with a staff; or ill in bed

Saint Himelin (Hymelin, Himelinus) (died Vissenaken, c. 750 AD) was an Irish[1] or Scottish[2] priest who, returning from a pilgrimage to Rome, fell ill when passing through Vissenaken (in present-day part of the municipality Tienen in Belgium).

He is said to have been the brother of Rumbold, patron saint of Mechelen.[1]

The legend of Saint Himelin states that in Vissenaken he asked a girl for some water. She refused, as there was bubonic plague in the area. However, after much insistence from Himelin, she finally gave him a pitcher of water, which miraculously turned into wine. Himelin died three days later of the plague. He is venerated on 10 March. His cult is confined to Vissenaken.[2]


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