Saint Honestus

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Saint Honestus
São Honesto de Pamplona.JPG
Born Nîmes
Died ~270 AD
Venerated in Roman Catholic Church, Orthodox Catholic Church
Feast February 16

Saint Honestus (Spanish: San Honesto, French: Saint Honest) was, according to Christian tradition, a disciple of Saturninus of Toulouse and a native of Nîmes. Saturninus and Honestus evangelized in Spain, and Honestus was martyred at Pampeluna during the persecutions of Aurelian. Elaboration of this legend states that Honestus was a nobleman of Nîmes who was appointed "apostle to Navarre and the Basque Country."[1]

Further elaboration of his legend states that at Pampeluna, he converted the senator Firmus and his family to Christianity, while Firmus’s son, Saint Firminus, was christened by Saint Saturninus.[2] Variants of this legend state that Honestus baptized Firminus himself.[3]


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