Saint Hripsime Church of Yalta

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Saint Hripsime Church
Սուրբ Հռիփսիմե եկեղեցի
Ялта Церква вірменська.jpg
AffiliationArmenian Apostolic Church
Year consecrated1917
Saint Hripsime Church of Yalta is located in Ukraine
Saint Hripsime Church of Yalta
Shown within Ukraine
Geographic coordinates44°30′04″N 34°09′55″E / 44.501094°N 34.165334°E / 44.501094; 34.165334Coordinates: 44°30′04″N 34°09′55″E / 44.501094°N 34.165334°E / 44.501094; 34.165334
Architect(s)Gabriel Ter-Mikelyan

Saint Hripsime Church (Armenian: Սուրբ Հռիփսիմե եկեղեցի, Surp Hripsime Yekeghetsi), is a working Armenian church located in Yalta on the Crimean peninsula and completed in 1917.[1]

It is modeled after a church of the same name[2] in Vagharshapat, Armenia. In fact, a piece of that UNESCO World Heritage site church was symbolically used in the base of this church.[3]


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