Saint Hubert Street

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Saint Hubert Street
Rue Saint-Hubert
Location Montreal

Saint Hubert Street (French: Rue Saint-Hubert) is a north-south street that spans the island of Montreal. It is situated to the east of Berri Street.


It seems that the land upon which this street is situated was given up by Hubert-Joseph Lacroix (1743-1821) whose family settled on this street, officially laid out in 1826. The large residences built here in the second half of the nineteenth century, principally by the French-Canadian elite, preserve the character of the street's residential origins to this day.

This large artery provided a privileged site for demonstrations like the Congrès eucharistique de Montréal in 1910, which ran between Saint-Antoine and Cherrier street.

The first St-Hubert restaurant (hence the name) was opened on this street in 1951.

This very long street changes character between de Bellechasse Street and Jean-Talon Street, where it becomes a strip mall replete with bridal shoppes sheltered by canted glass.


Coordinates: 45°30′57″N 73°33′35″W / 45.51583°N 73.55972°W / 45.51583; -73.55972