Saint Jerome in Penitence (Titian, 1531)

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St. Jerome in Penitence
Tiziano, san girolamo penitente.jpg
Yearc. 1531
Dimensions80 cm (31 in) × 102 cm (40 in)
IdentifiersJoconde work ID: 000PE027117

Saint Jerome in Penitence or Penitent Saint Jerome is a c.1531 oil on canvas painting Titian, now in the Louvre in Paris.


The painting was first mentioned in the collections of Louis XIV and may have come from the Gonzaga collection, perhaps making it the Saint Jerome mentioned in Federico Gonzaga's correspondence, which can be dated to 1531.[citation needed] A second theory argues that the work was intended for Federico's mother Isabella d'Este, who wanted a nocturnal scene.[citation needed]


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