Saint Joseph's Church, Shanghai

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St Joseph's Church

Saint Joseph's Church (simplified Chinese: 圣若瑟堂; traditional Chinese: 聖若瑟堂; pinyin: Shèng Ruòsè Táng) is a church in Dashijie, Huangpu District, Shanghai. It is colloquially known as Yángjīngbāng Church (洋泾浜). It was built by father Louis Hélot between 1860 and 1861, in what was then the French Concession. It was consecrated in 1862. It was built in brick, in the romanesque style with gothic elements.


Coordinates: 31°13′50″N 121°29′25″E / 31.23056°N 121.49028°E / 31.23056; 121.49028