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Jucundus (variants include Giocondo, Iocundus, Iucundus, Jocund, Jucundus, Jukund), is a given name or surname of several people and of similar Christian saints. It may refer to:


  • Saint Giocondiano (3rd century), martyr in Africa. His feast is celebrated on 4 July
  • Saint Jucunda (4th century – 466). His feast is celebrated on 25 November
  • Saint Jucunda, martyr in Nicomedia. His feast is celebrated on 27 July
  • Saint Jucundus (3rd century – 250), martyr in Africa. His feast is celebrated on 9 January
  • Saint Jucundus of Aosta (fr) (Italian: San Giocondo di Aosta; 4th century – c. 407), bishop of Aosta, Ursus of Aosta served as his Archdeacon. A companion of Gratus of Aosta to the Holy Land, he was killed with Saint Nicasius at Rheims in the fifth century. His feast day is celebrated on 30 December
  • Saint Jucundus (or Iocundus), of Bologna (Italian: San Giocondo di Bologna; c. 5th century), bishop of Bologna. His feast day is celebrated on 14 November
  • Saint Jucundus of Sirmium (4th century), martyr in Pannonia. His feast is celebrated on 6 January
  • Saint Jucundus of Troyes (3rd century – 273), martyr in Troyes. His feast is celebrated on 21 July


  • Francesco del Giocondo (1465–15th or 16th century), Florentine silk merchant, politician, and patron of the Arts
  • Gioconda Belli (born 1948), Nicaraguan author, novelist, and poet
  • Gioconda de Vito (1907–1994), Italian-British classical violinist
  • Giocondo Albertolli (1742–1840), Swiss-born architect, painter, and sculptor who was active in Italy
  • Giovanni Giocondo (Friar Giovanni Giocondo, O.F.M.; 1430s–1510s), Italian friar, architect, antiquary, archaeologist, and classical scholar
  • Joyce Lussu (born Gioconda Beatrice Salvadori Paleotti; 1912–1998), Italian writer, translator, and partisan
  • Jucundus, 5th-century Bishop of Sufetula (modern-day Sbeitla, Tunisia)
  • Lisa del Giocondo (1479–16th-century), (also known as Lisa Gherardini, Lisa di Antonio Maria (or Antonmaria) Gherardini and Mona Lisa; 1479–1542 or c. 1551), a member of the Gherardini family of Florence and Tuscany in Italy


  • Gioconda's Smile (1965), a 1965 album by Greek composer Manos Hadjidakis
  • La Gioconda (opera) (1876), a 1876 opera in four acts by Amilcare Ponchielli set to an Italian libretto by Arrigo Boito, based on Angelo, tyran de Padoue, a play in prose by Victor Hugo
  • Mona Lisa (The Mona Lisa, La Gioconda, La Joconde, or Portrait of Lisa Gherardini, wife of Francesco del Giocondo; c. 1503–1519), half-length portrait of a woman by Leonardo da Vinci.

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