Saint Luke Parish, Dominica

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Saint Luke
Soufrière Bay, Dominica 002.jpg
Soufrière Bay off Pointe Michel
Country Dominica
Capital Pointe Michel
 - coordinates 15°15′N 61°23′W / 15.250°N 61.383°W / 15.250; -61.383Coordinates: 15°15′N 61°23′W / 15.250°N 61.383°W / 15.250; -61.383
Area 7.8 km2 (3 sq mi)
Population 1,668 (2011)
Density 214/km2 (554/sq mi)
Timezone UTC-4
ISO 3166-2 DM-07
Dominica-Saint Luke.png

Saint Luke is one of Dominica's 10 administrative parishes. It is bordered by St. George (to the north), St. Mark (to the south), and St. Patrick (to the east).

The parish is one of Dominica's smallest in area and population. 1,668 people[1] live in its 7.77 km² (3 mi²)[2] of area. Pointe Michel (La Pointe) is its only settlement.

Its shape resembles a wedge pointing right, with the top part cut off.


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