St. Margaret's Secondary School

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St. Margaret's Secondary School
Sekolah Menengah St Margaret
School Logo 1.jpg
111 Farrer Road, Singapore, 259240
Bukit Timah
Coordinates 1°19′12″N 103°48′34″E / 1.3201°N 103.8095°E / 1.3201; 103.8095Coordinates: 1°19′12″N 103°48′34″E / 1.3201°N 103.8095°E / 1.3201; 103.8095
Type Government-Aided
Motto Charity, Patience, Devotion
Religious affiliation(s) Anglican
Founded 1842
Founder Mrs Maria Dyer
Principal Mdm Lee
Gender Female
School colour(s)  Green   White 
Affiliations St. Margaret's Primary School
Saint Andrew's Junior College

St. Margaret’s Secondary School (SMSS) is an autonomous government-aided girls’ secondary school in Singapore, under the purview of the Anglican Diocese of Singapore. It is the first girls’ school in Singapore and is often regarded as the oldest existing girls’ school in the South East Asia.


St. Margaret’s School is the oldest girls’ school in Singapore and the Far East. It was founded in 1842 by Maria Dyer, a missionary of the London Missionary Society.

It was known first as the Chinese Girls’ School, then as the Church of England Zenana Missionary (CEZMS) School in Singapore, before being renamed St. Margaret’s School.

The secondary section was split from the primary in 1960 and it moved into new premises along Farrer Road.[1]

Identity & culture[edit]


The green background represents creation, of which we are a part. It stands for life and activity, creativity and growth.

The white band running diagonally across from the upper left hand corner to the lower right hand corner stands for purity in thought, word and deed.

The white cross represents the Christian mission of the school. Like a directional compass, it shows the right way to take and it points us to God's love, truth and provision.


Charity, Patience and Devotion

The school is named after Queen Margaret of Scotland who was known for many good qualities, among them, love (charity), patience and devotion.


The school uniform is a one piece dress which features a dark green polka-dotted top, a dark green skirt up to knee length and a dark green school tie with the school logo pinned at the bottom. There are also separate PE shorts, a shirt with different colours depending on different houses and a CCA skirt. White school socks with or without the SMSS logo can be worn. A name tag is worn. The only jacket allowed is the black school jacket or any plain black jacket, and earrings are restricted to plain studs of green, white, black, gold or silver. Hair accessories can only be dark green, white and black. Despite this, coloured top undergarments are not allowed - only white or nude colors are permissible.[2]


St. Margaret’s Secondary School is affiliated with St. Margaret's Primary School (SMPS) and Saint Andrew's Junior College (SAJC).

Academic information[edit]

Being a non-special programme secondary school, St. Margaret’s Secondary School offers three academic streams, namely the four-year Express course, as well as the Normal Course, comprising Normal (Academic) and Normal (Technical) academic tracks.

O Level Express Course[edit]

The Express Course is a nationwide four-year programme that leads up to the Singapore-Cambridge GCE Ordinary Level examination.[3]

Academic subjects[edit]

The examinable academic subjects for Singapore-Cambridge GCE Ordinary Level offered by the school for upper secondary level (via. streaming in secondary 2 level), as of 2017, are listed below.[4]


  1. Subjects indicated with ' * ' are mandatory subjects.
  2. All students in Singapore are required to undertake a Mother Tongue Language as an examinable subject, as indicated by ' ^ '.
  3. "SPA" in Pure Science subjects refers to the incorporation of School-based Science Practical Assessment, which 20% of the subject result in the national examination are determined by school-based practical examinations, supervised by the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board. The SPA Assessment has been replaced by one Practical Assessment in the 2018 O Levels.[5]
Sciences Language & Hunanities Arts & Aesthetics
  • Additional Mathematics
  • Mathematics*
  • Physics (SPA)
  • Chemistry (SPA)*
  • Biology (SPA)
  • Science (Combined)
  • English Language*
  • English Literature
  • Mother Tongue Language* ^
  • Higher Mother Tongue Language
  • Geography
  • History
  • Combined Humanities (Social Studies & another Humanities subject at elective level)*
  • Art
  • Design & Technology
  • Food & Nutrition
  • Music

Normal Course[edit]

The Normal Course is a nationwide 4-year programme leading to the Singapore-Cambridge GCE Normal Level examination, which runs either the Normal (Academic) curriculum or Normal (Technical) curriculum, abbreviated as N(A) and N(T) respectively.[6]

Normal (Academic) Course[edit]

In the Normal (Academic) course, students offer 5-8 subjects in the Singapore-Cambridge GCE Normal Level examination.Compulsory subjects include:[7]

  • English Language
  • Mother Tongue Language
  • Mathematics
  • Combined Humanities

A 5th year leading to the Singapore-Cambridge GCE Ordinary Level examination is available to N(A) students who perform well in their Singapore-Cambridge GCE Normal Level examination. Students can move from one course to another based on their performance and the assessment of the school principal and teachers.[6]

Normal (Technical) Course[edit]

The Normal (Technical) course prepares students for a technical-vocational education at the Institute of Technical Education.[7] Students will offer 5-7 subjects in the Singapore-Cambridge GCE Normal Level examination.[7] The curriculum is tailored towards strengthening students’ proficiency in English and Mathematics.[7] Students take English Language, Mathematics, Basic Mother Tongue and Computer Applications as compulsory subjects.[7]

Notable alumni[edit]

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