Saint Mark Parish, Grenada

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Saint Mark Parish
Paroisse de Saint Mark
St Mark Parish Sign
St Mark Parish Sign
Grenada-Saint Mark.png
Capital CityVictoria
 • Total9 sq mi (23 km2)
 • Total3,994
 • Density410/sq mi (158/km2)
ISO 3166 codeGD-05

St Mark Parish is a parish on the west coast of Grenada, in the Grenadines. It is the smallest parish on the island in terms of both area and population.


Along the west coast of the island nation of Grenada lies the small fishing village of Victoria, Grenada. Victoria is the center of activity for the St. Mark's parish, the smallest parish on the island in both area and populace with approximately 4,000 people residing. Local activities include the Saint Mark's fiesta which showcases different produce, foods, culture, music and entertainment throughout the villages of St. Mark. St. Mark's Day is usually a few weeks after Easter in mid April.


St Mark's has the highest mountain on Grenada, Mount Saint Catherine, and the tallest waterfall, the Tufton Hall Waterfall.

Food Fest[edit]

The village of Victoria has created a monthly event called the "Sunset City Food Fest." This activity has been created to improve the living conditions of the people of Victoria and have created a common location where the community can come together to enjoy quality food, time and company. It was set up in 2007 in response to the loss of 250 jobs in the nutmeg industry caused by the effects of hurricane Ivan. Thus far the Food Fest is on the last Saturday of each month, however, it is currently aiming to take place fortnightly.

Vendors offer Grenadian cuisine using local ingredients. Dishes include bakes, figs, breadfruit, Farine, Jacks and other Fish, the Grenada Oil-Down, rotis, calaloo soup, crabs, conches (lambi), Tania Log (a porridge prepared from root crops in a traditional manner), and ice cream.

Coordinates: 12°11′N 61°42′W / 12.183°N 61.700°W / 12.183; -61.700