Saint Martin's Church

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Church of St. Martin
German: St. Martinskirche Olten
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Church of St. Martin is located in Switzerland
Church of St. Martin
Church of St. Martin
St. Martin Church
47°21′04″N 7°53′55″E / 47.351043°N 7.898548°E / 47.351043; 7.898548Coordinates: 47°21′04″N 7°53′55″E / 47.351043°N 7.898548°E / 47.351043; 7.898548
Country Switzerland
Denomination Roman Catholic
Website St. Martin Olten
Architect(s) August Hardegger
Style Neoromanesque
Completed 1910
Number of spires 2
Parish St. Martin, Olten
Diocese Basel

St. Martin is a Roman Catholic church in the town of Olten (Switzerland). It is a three-nave columned basilica without transept with three chorapsideas.

The church is considered as the "most significant Neoromanesque Greater Church of Switzerland from the late period of historicism".[1]

Building history[edit]

In addition to the 1876 built by the Roman Catholic parish Olten Notkirche St. Gallen architect August Hardegger built from 1908 to 1910, the large neo-Romanesque parish church. The new church has more seats than the Solothurn Cathedral. The former makeshift church was rebuilt to Pfarreireumen and Josef Hall.


The first organ was of Orgelbau Goll (Lucerne) built with 33 registers. 1932 built the organ builder Willisau AG a new organ with 49 registers, which in 1949 reorganized by the organ builder Goll and extended to 64 registers.

The present organ was of Mathis Orgelbau (Näfels) newly built 1992nd The instrument has 50 stops on three manuals and pedal. The play and Registertrakturen mechanically.[2]