Saint Martin Territorial Council election, 2007

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Elections to the Territorial Council were held in the French overseas collectivity of Saint Martin for the first time on 1 July and 8 July 2007.[1] Since no candidate's list got an absolute majority in the first round, all lists with more than 10% of the vote went to a second round, where Louis Constant-Fleming obtained a relative majority.

e • d Summary of the 1 July and 8 July 2007 Saint Martin Territorial Council election results
Parties 1st round 2nd round Seats
Votes % Votes %
Union for Progress/UMP (Union pour le Progrès, Louis Constant-Fleming) 2,829 40.35 3,753 48.96 16
Rally Responsibility Success (Rassemblement responsabilité réussite, Alain Richardson) 2,237 31.90 3,231 42.15 6
Succeed Saint Martin (Réussir Saint-Martin, Jean-Luc Hamlet) 767 10.94 681 8.89 1
Alliance (Alliance, Dominique Riboud) 635 9.05
Democratic Alliance for Saint Martin (Alliance démocratique pour Saint-Martin, Wendel Cocks) 544 7.76
Total 7,012 100.00 7,665 100.00 23
Source: RFO1, RFO2