Saint Mary Church of the Holy Belt

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Saint Mary Church of the Holy Belt
Basic information
LocationHoms, Syria
Geographic coordinates34°43′45″N 36°43′12″E / 34.7293°N 36.7200°E / 34.7293; 36.7200Coordinates: 34°43′45″N 36°43′12″E / 34.7293°N 36.7200°E / 34.7293; 36.7200
AffiliationSyriac Orthodox
Year consecrated50 AD
Architectural typeChurch

Saint Mary Church of the Holy Belt (Arabic: كنيسة أم الزنار‎; Um az-Zinnar) is a historical Syriac Orthodox Church in Homs, Syria. The church is built over an underground church dating back to 50 AD. It is the seat of the Syriac Orthodox archbishopric. The church contains a venerated Holy Girdle that is supposed to be a section of the belt of Mary, mother of Jesus.[1] The church was damaged during confrontations between the armed opposition and the security forces in the 2011–2012 Syrian unrest.[2]

In 2012, reportedly confrontations caused extensive damage to the exterior of the church.[3] The church was rebuilt by an extensive effort of the faithful and the Divine Liturgy was celebrated.

Other relics[edit]

This is the Syriac church's equivalent of the Cincture of the Theotokos of the Greek Orthodox Church and Girdle of Thomas of the Catholic Church

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