Saint Michael's School (Cranford, New Jersey)

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Saint Michael School
PrincipalMrs. Miragliotta

Saint Michael's School, also referred to as SMS or St. Mike's, is an American Catholic parochial school whose motto, "Fides et Ratio" (Latin for "Faith and Reason") describes the school's goal of having their students become independent thinkers and grow into responsible young adults grounded in Catholic values.

St. Michael's, which offers nursery through 8th grade, was founded in 1929 and is located in Cranford, New Jersey, United States. As of 2013, the principal was Mrs. Sandy Miragliotta.

St. Michael’s follows the New Jersey Core Content Curriculum Standards in addition to Curriculum Guidelines set forth by the Archdiocese of Newark. It is also independently accredited by the Middle States Association for Elementary Schools, most recently in 2010.

St. Michael’s students consistently outperform the national and archdiocesan averages on standardized Terra Nova tests.

The school has both a Before-care and Aftercare program

Extracurricular sports are offered by the St. Michael's Sports Association.

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