St. Michael's Church, Berlin

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View of the church from the Luisenstadt Canal

Saint Michael's is a Roman Catholic church in Berlin, Germany, dedicated to the Archangel Michael. The church was completed in 1851, then also serving as garrison church for Catholic soldiers, and was partially destroyed during the Second World War. It is protected as a historical monument in Berlin. The church was designed by August Soller and is regarded as a good implementation of the arched style of his teacher Karl Friedrich Schinkel. It church is regarded as a successful synthesis between classical and medieval architecture. The overall design was influenced by northern Italian churches from Padova and Venice from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Just before starting his design, Soller went on a five-day study trip to Italy. The facade, with a statue of Archangel Michael at the top is reminiscent of the Venetian church of San Giorgio Maggiore. The overall design, with its three apses and the vast nave is, however, heavily influenced by the church of San Salvador, Venice.


Coordinates: 52°30′26″N 13°25′10″E / 52.5072222222°N 13.4194444444°E / 52.5072222222; 13.4194444444