Saint Michael College of Caraga

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Saint Michael College of Caraga
Kolehiyo ng Saint Michael sa Caraga
Smcc logo.gif
Bigger, Better, Stonger, and Holier
Latin: Collegium Sancti Michaelis Caraga
Former names
Saint Michael Institute (1948–2001)
Motto Lux Mundi, Sal Terrae
Motto in English
"Light of the World, Salt of the Earth"
Type Private Sectarian
Established 1948
Affiliation Catholic Church
Chairman Msgr. Juan de Dios M. Pueblos, DD
President Msgr. Bienvinido A. Betaizar, P.C.
Principal Luzviminda B. Loquinte, MAED (Basic Education - Junior High School)
Location Nasipit, Agusan del Norte,  Philippines
Campus Old Building
Magbayanihan Building
Hymn "SMCC Alma Mater Song"
Colors Blue, Green, Yellow             
Nickname Michaelinians
Affiliations Agusan Catholic Education Association (ACEA), Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines, Fund Assistance for Private Education

Saint Michael College of Caraga is a Roman Catholic school in Nasipit, Agusan del Norte run by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Butuan in the Philippines.

Saint Michael Institute, now SMCC is founded by the Missionarii Sacratissimi Cordis (MSC) fathers in 1948.

The school is situated in the heart of Nasipit specifically along the Atupan Street beside the Saint Michael the Archangel Parish Church, Versoza Park and the Municipal hall.

The current school's name was suggested by Vanica P. del Rosario in a board meeting in 2001.

School's History[edit]

School Presidents of
Saint Michael College of Caraga
Rev. Fr. Francisco Van Dyke, MSC, 1948-1949
Rev. Fr. Gerard Cruijen, MSC, 1949-1963
Rev. Fr. Enrique Van Ma-anen, MSC, 1963-1965
Rev. Fr. Vicente Portillo, MSC, 1965-1967
Rev. Fr. Mateo Van Santvoord, MSC, 1967-1969
Rev. Fr. Anthony Krol, MSC, 1969-1975
Gregorio Orais, 1975-1977
Antonio L. Suarez, 1977–1977
Faro Gatchalian, 1978–1985
Necita Lim, 1985–1991
Rev. Fr. Achilles Ayaton, 1991–1994
Msgr. Cesar L. Gatela, 1994–1999
Msgr. Bienvinido A. Betaizar, PC, 1999–present

In 1948, Nasipit was still a part of the parish of Buenavista, whose parish priest was late Fr. Martin Westeinde, a Dutch MSC. As the town progressed, population also increased and business gained momentum with the start of the logging industry of Nasipit, Lumber Company (NALCO). Fr Martin and his co-adjuter Fr. Atanacio de Castro saw the need of putting up a secondary school. Fr. De Castro was placed in charge of the school.

It started its operation on July 1, 1948, with Rev. Fr. Francisco Van Dyke as the first director. He was succeeded by Rev. Fr. Enrique Van Ma-anen, Rev. Fr. Vicente Portillo, Rev. Fr. Mateo Van Santvoord, and Rev. Fr. Anthony Krol in the order of succession. Rev. Fr. Krol was the last Dutch priest who served as the school director.

The school site is beside the rectory with an area of 1,630 m2. Fr. Gerard Cruijen, one of the subsequent directors, converted the nipa- wooden structure into a two-storey building with 16 classrooms.

When the Filipinization Law was implemented in 1975 a layman, Mr Gregorio Orais, became the first layman school director until he retired in 1977. He was followed by Mr. Antonio L. Suarez, the first layman director/principal of the school. Faro Gatchalian followed until 1985, then Mrs. Necita Lim took the helm of directorship until 1991 while acting also as the principal of St. James High School of Buenavista, an adjacent town of Nasipit. In 1991, Fr. Achilles Ayaton became the school director until 1993. In 1994, Msgr. Cesar L. Gatela took over the school's directorship until 1999, when he succumbed to a cardiac arrest. In his term, he bought 19 computers integrating the Computer technology subject in all levels of the High School Department.

The Teatro, Sayaw, at Awit Production(TESAW Production), Center of the Michaelinian Performing Arts was established on June 1, 1997 with Dr. Dennis P. Mausisa as the Founder and Artistic Director.

In 1999, Msgr. Juan de Dios Pueblos, the Bishop of Butuan appointed Msgr. Bienvinido A. Betaizar, PC as the school director who was later promoted as School President until at present.

June 2000, Msgr. Betaizar opened the Grade School department with Mrs. Minda R. Cocon as the first Principal offering Grades I-IV and the College Department with Technical Courses offering with Mr. Antonio L. Suarez as the college administrator until his death on February 2002.

June 2001, Baccalaureate Programs were opened which include Bachelor of Elementary Education, Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Financial Management and Bachelor of Arts in English Language. The Planning and Development Center was established with Dr. Dennis P. Mausisa as the Head of Office.

February 16, 2002, the name Saint Michael's Institute was replaced with Saint Michael College of Caraga as suggested by Mrs. Vanica P. del Rosario during the 1st SMI General Assembly. The name was duly approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

In 2002, Dr. Dennis P. Mausisa unveiled the SMCC's Vision 2020 with the flagship program "Magbayanihan Tayo". SMCC's Vision 2020 is a lon range master plan of SMCC for seven key areas: Personnel, Instruction and Curriculum, Physical Plant and Facilities, Library, Student Services, Community Extension Service, and Research and Accreditation. This year also, within three years of operation the College Department was named as one of the Top Three Performing Schools in the Caraga for the Kabalikat Award 2002 of TESDA. Additional courses were opened like 2-Year Computer-Based Accounting Technology, 2 Year Tourism Technology and 2 Year Computer-Technician. Speech subject was introduced in all departments complete with the state of the art speech facilities.

2003, the Accounting Department was established.

June 10, 2005, a four-storey concrete building was inaugurated. The Elementary Department was transferred from the Montinola Building to the main campus where the new building is situated. The new building housed the different offices, Preschool, High School, Mini Hotel, AVR and Faculty Rooms. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science was opened. Mini School bus was acquired.

2006, SMCC Angel Festival was introduced by Dr. Mausisa to the Michaelinian community.

2007, SMCC launches the SMCC Website

2008, College Department awarded by TESDA Region XIII as MODEL TVET Provider School in Agusan del Norte-Butuan City. The SMCC school logo was changed.

2009, Bureau of Immigration granted the school the accreditation permit to accept Foreign Students from Preschool to College. Commission on Higher Education granted the permit to operate Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management.

2010, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and One Year Seafarer were opened.

2012, additional programs were opened the Bachelor of Science in Criminology, Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management, additional majors in Secondary Education in Math and Science, and the Housekeeping NCII. TESDA bundled programs were opened the Two year Hotel and Restaurant Management with qualifications in Food and Beverage Services NC II and Housekeeping NCII, Two year Information Technology with qualifications in Computer Hardware Servicing NCII and Computer Programming NC IV and Two year Computer Electronics Servicing NC II. New School's Vision and Mission Statement(DBES) as agreed by the DBES Board.

At present, SMCC is one of the Catholic schools in Agusan del Norte and Caraga region.


  • Basic Education Department
    • Composed of the Elementary, Junior High School, and Senior High School.
  • College Department
    • College of Teacher Education
    • College of Arts and Sciences
    • College of Business Administration & Technical Programs
    • College of Tourism
    • College of Computer Studies
    • College of Criminology

College Offerings[edit]

College of Teacher Education & Arts and Sciences[edit]

Program Offerings

    • Bachelor of Elementary Education Major in General Education
    • Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English
    • Bachelor of Arts Major in English

College of Hospitality and Business Administration[edit]

Program Offerings

    • Bachelor of Science Major in Business Administration
    • Bachelor of Science Major in Tourism
    • Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management
    • Two-year Ship Catering

College of Computer Studies[edit]

Program Offerings

    • Bachelor of Science Major in Information Technology
    • Bachelor of Science Major in Computer Science

College of Criminology[edit]

Program Offerings

    • Bachelor of Science in Criminology

School's Official Publication[edit]

The Saint Michael College of Caraga has its own Publication. It is called Michaelinian Mirror. The Michaelinian Mirror is the only publication in the school. It serves as the ears and eyes of the students and teachers. It also publishes the latest news and events inside the school.

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