St Monica's Church, Palmers Green

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St. Monica’s Catholic Church is a Roman Catholic parish church in Stonard Road, Palmers Green, London, N13 4DJ (junction of Stonard Road and Green Lanes).

St. Monica’s is the only parish in the Diocese of Westminster, except for that of St. Monica's Priory, Hoxton, to be dedicated to Saint Monica.


Father Thomas Heditch was appointed rector of the new parish in 1910, but fell ill in the spring of 1912. He went on a pilgrimage to Lourdes, but did not return. Father Gallagher was appointed rector on 27 June 1912.

The church's official opening was on Monday 4 May 1914 by Cardinal Bourne in front of nearly 600 lay people and 40 clergy. The church, together with the presbytery, was built for £6,600 including the cost of the site.

The church started an amateur dramatic society, Saint Monica's Players (SMP), in 1958 that continues to perform musicals across Enfield today.


  • 1910 - Father Thomas Heditch
  • 1912 - Father Patrick Gallagher
  • 1957 - Father Reginald Crook
  • 1964 - Father Raymund Geraerts
  • 1979 - Father Robin Whitney
  • 1994 - Father Brian Creak
  • 2004 - Father Roger Taylor
  • 2013 - Canon Shaun Leonard


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Coordinates: 51°37′27″N 0°6′9″W / 51.62417°N 0.10250°W / 51.62417; -0.10250