Saint Namadie

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Saint Namadie on the Saint Calminius Reliquary (12th century) held in the l'église de Mozac

Sainte Namadie[pronunciation?] (Namadia in Latin) was the wife of Saint Calminius. On her husband's death in the 6th or 7th century she retired to end her days in the monastic convent at Marsat,[1] which later became a dependent house of Mozac Abbey 2 kilometres away.


She is shown on the Limoges enamel reliquary holding remains of her and her husband, the Saint Calminius Reliquary, which dates to the end of the 12th century and is held at the abbatiale Saint-Pierre de Mozac. She is not shown on the other reliquary of Saint Calminius, which originated at the church at Laguenne (one of his foundations) and is now held in the musée Dobrée at Nantes.

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