Saint Ouen's Manor

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St. Ouen's Manor
Jersey Ses Antiquités Ses Institutions Son Histoire 1859 De La Croix 10.jpg
A 19th century book illustration.
Saint Ouen's Manor is located in Channel Islands
Saint Ouen's Manor
Location within Channel Islands
General information
Town or city Parish of St. Ouen
Country Jersey
Coordinates 49°13′32″N 2°11′56″W / 49.225614°N 2.198978°W / 49.225614; -2.198978Coordinates: 49°13′32″N 2°11′56″W / 49.225614°N 2.198978°W / 49.225614; -2.198978
Construction started 12th Century

St. Ouen's Manor is a manor house in the parish of St. Ouen, Jersey, and is the traditional home of the Seigneur of St. Ouen, and the ancestral home of the De Carteret family.

The earliest record of the house dates from 1135.[1]

The gate house.

As a part of the 1940 Jersey local elections, the manor was offered to the victor, Edward Campbell. However, Campbell became disillusioned with the idea, and declined.[2]

The house and grounds remain intact today, and the house is a private home for the De Carteret family. It is occasionally open to the public.

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