Saint Paul-Reformation Lutheran Church

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Saint Paul-Reformation Lutheran Church from the northwest

Saint Paul-Reformation Lutheran Church (SPR) is a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) located in Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States. It is part of the Saint Paul Area Synod.

The congregation gained national attention in 2001 when it ordained Anita C. Hill (not to be confused with Anita Hill of the Clarence Thomas US Senate confirmation hearings). Hill is a lesbian in a committed relationship. Under ELCA guidelines for ordination, a candidate who "self-identifies as a homosexual is expected to refrain from sexual relations." The Saint Paul Area Synod, the local ecclesiastical authority, chose to "censure and admonish" the congregation for a period of time.

The congregation is also notable for nearly 25% of its membership identifying as LGBT.

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