Saint Peter Port

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Saint Peter Port
View of St Peter Port from the South
View of St Peter Port from the South
Location of Saint Peter Port in Guernsey
Location of Saint Peter Port in Guernsey
Coordinates: 49°27′20″N 2°32′12″W / 49.4555°N 2.5368°W / 49.4555; -2.5368Coordinates: 49°27′20″N 2°32′12″W / 49.4555°N 2.5368°W / 49.4555; -2.5368
Crown Dependency Guernsey, Channel Islands
 • Electoral district Divided into St Peter Port North and St Peter Port South
 • Total 6.5 km2 (2.5 sq mi)
Elevation 0 m (0 ft)
Population (2014)
 • Total 18,207
 • Density 2,800/km2 (7,300/sq mi)
Time zone GMT
 • Summer (DST) UTC+01 (UTC)
Postal code GY1-GY9

Saint Peter Port is the capital of Guernsey as well as the main port. The population in 2014 was 18,207. In Guernésiais and in French, historically the official language of Guernsey, the name of the town and its surrounding parish is St Pierre Port. The "port" distinguishes this parish from Saint Pierre Du Bois.

As well as being a parish, St. Peter Port is a small town consisting mostly of steep narrow streets and steps on the overlooking slopes. It is known that a trading post/town existed here before Roman times with a pre-Christian name which has not survived.

The postal code for addresses in this parish starts with GY1.

People from St. Peter Port, were nicknamed "les Villais" (the townspeople) or "cllichards" in Guernésiais.


St. Peter Port is located on the east coast of Guernsey. It borders St. Sampson in the north, The Vale in the north-west, St. Andrew in the west and St. Martin in the south.

On the seaward side it faces Herm to the east, across the Little Russel, and Sark and Brecqhou even further east across the Big Russel between them and Herm. The Bréhon Tower sits in the Little Russel between St. Peter Port and Herm.

Relief The land in the north and by the harbour is low lying but in the south, the land gets much higher (but not as high as St Martin's or the Forest). This means that there are quite a few cliffs on the coast between Havelet and Fermain.


Castle Cornet

Saint Peter Port is subdivided into four cantons:[1]

  1. Canton 1 or North Canton
  2. Canton 2 or Canton of the North-West
  3. Canton 3 or Canton of the South-West
  4. Canton 4 or Canton of the South

In addition, the islands of Herm and Jethou belong to the parish,[2] but are not part of any canton. They belong to Electoral district Saint Peter Port South.[3]

Sport and leisure[edit]

St. Peter Port has an English Isthmian League club, Guernsey F.C. who play at Footes Lane. The Guernsey Rugby Football Club also play at Footes Lane and compete in National League 3 London & SE.

Parks and Gardens[edit]

Candie Gardens, an award-winning restored Victorian Garden features a statue of Victor Hugo. Cambridge Park is a recreational park that includes a skate park. In 2014 the parish was a Gold & Category Winner in the RHS Britain in Bloom competition,[4] followed in 2016 with another Gold medal.[5]


Main roads[edit]

The following main roads (listed from north-south) provide important links between St Peter Port and the other parishes:

  • Les Banques (leads up the coast to St Sampson's and the north of the island)
  • Rohais Road (leads to the parish of Castel)
  • Mount Row (leads to St Andrew's and the west of the island)
  • Ruette Brayes (leads to St Martin's and the south of the island)
  • Fort Road (leads to St Martin's)

The following coastal roads (listed from north to south) are also very important as they provide access to the shops, carparks and the harbour:

  • St George's Esplanade
  • North Esplanade
  • South Esplanade
  • Mount Durand


Saint Peter Port comprises two administrative division, St Peter Port South and St Peter Port North.

In the Guernsey general election, 2016 in:

  • St Peter Port South there was a 2,068 or 63% turnout to elect five Deputies
  • St Peter Port North there was a 2,639 or 65% turnout to elect six Deputies.

Famous people[edit]

Numismatic History[edit]

Guernsey bank notes feature a number of parish buildings:

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