Saint Petersburg (board game)

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St. Petersburg
Saint Petersburg game.jpg
Box cover of Saint Petersburg
Designer(s) Michael Tummelhofer
Publisher(s) Rio Grande Games
Hans im Glück
999 Games
Players 2-4
Age range 10 and up
Setup time 1 minutes
Playing time 45 minutes
Random chance Medium
Skill(s) required Strategic thought

Saint Petersburg (German: Sankt Petersburg)[1] is a card-driven designer board game, with the design of the game credited to Michael Tummelhofer, a pseudonym for Michael Bruinsma, Jay Tummelson and Bernd Brunnhofer. Most of the design work was done by Brunnhofer.[2] The game was published in 2004 by Hans im Glück and Rio Grande Games, and won the Deutscher Spiele Preis and International Gamers Award for that year.

The first expansion, by Karl-Heinz Schmiel, is The Banquet, appearing first as an insert in a magazine, and consists of 12 new cards (3 normal and 9 special), as well as rules to use them. The second expansion, by Tom Lehmann, is The New Society and consists of 36 cards (28 normal, 7 replacement, and a fifth role card), plus rules to use them and to expand the game to five players. Both expansions were bundled together and sold as the St. Petersburg Expansion.


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