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Presidential Phys&Math Lyceum No. 239
Kirochnaya st., 8a

PrincipalMaxim Yakovlevich Pratusevich
Color(s)Blue, silver, gold

Presidential Physics and Mathematics Lyceum No. 239 (Russian: Президентский физико-математический лицей №239), is a public high school in Saint Petersburg, Russia that specializes in mathematics and physics. The school opened in 1918 and it became a specialized city school in 1961. The school is noted for its strong academic programs. It is the alma mater of numerous winners of International Mathematical Olympiads and it has produced many notable alumni. The lyceum has been named the best school in Russia in 2015,[1] 2016,[2] and 2017.[3]

Saint Petersburg Lyceum 239, January 2008


The school was founded in 1918. Originally, it was located in the Lobanov-Rostovsky Palace, also known as "house with lions" at the corner of Saint Isaac's Square and Admiralteysky Prospect. It was one of only handful of schools to remain open during Siege of Leningrad. In 1961 the school was granted status of city's school with specialization in physics and mathematics. In 1964 the school moved to the building on Kazansky Street 48/1, which was previously occupied by school of working youth, and in 1966 it moved again to Moika River, 108. Finally, in 1975 the school relocated to its current location, into the historic Annenschule building. In 1990, the Russian Ministry of Education granted school the status of physico-mathematical lyceum and experimental laboratory for standard of education in physics, mathematics and informatics in Saint Petersburg. In 1994, the school won the George Soros grant. The US Mathematical society voted the school as one of top ten schools of former Soviet Union. The first of January 2014 the school received a status of "Presidential Physics and Mathematics Lyceum №239".

Famous alumni[edit]

Annenschule gymnasium in 1912.

Directors of the School[edit]

  • Matkovskaya Maria Vasilievna - from 1950 to 1976
  • Radionov Victor Evseevich - from 1976 to 1980
  • Golubeva Galina Nikolaevna - from 1980 to 1982
  • Efimova Tamara Borisovna - from 1982 to 2009
  • Pratusevich Maxim Yakovlevich - since 2009


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