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Priscus is one of several Catholic saints and martyrs. In the 1921 Benedictine Book of Saints there are seven figures named Priscus mentioned.

There are different feast days involved.[1] In some confusion, he is said to be the first Bishop of Capua, a martyr of the third century, and an African bishop; but the sources have been cast into doubt, and even the century is unclear in some accounts.[2]

March 28[edit]

The martyr was put to death in 260 under Valerian, with Malchus and Alexander.[3]

May 9[edit]

Priscus of Nocera, first bishop of Nocera (is also distinguished from the Bishop of Capua).[4]

May 26[edit]

Priscus, a Roman legionary officer, was put to death in 272 in France, under Aurelian.

September 1[edit]

The story of the African bishop of the fifth century cast adrift is doubted.[5]

October 1[edit]

Priscus, Crescens, and Evagrius were martyrs, put to death in Tomi, on the Black Sea.

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