List of parishes of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Honolulu

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The Roman Catholic Diocese of Honolulu comprises eight vicariates forane consisting of its member parishes.

Vicariate I[edit]

The parishes of Vicariate I comprise the West Honolulu Vicariate. The parishes of Holy Family and Saint Philomena are clustered, sharing one pastor; likewise so are the parishes of Saint Stephen and Blessed Sacrament.

Vicariate II[edit]

The parishes of Vicariate II comprise the East Honolulu Vicariate. The Mānoa-Punahou Catholic Community, a clustered parish consisting of Sacred Heart Catholic Church on Wilder Avenue and Saint Pius X Catholic Church in Mānoa Valley was canonically erected by the Bishop of Honolulu.

Vicariate III[edit]

The parishes of Vicariate III comprise the Windward Oʻahu Vicariate located in the districts of Koʻolaupoko and Koʻolauloa.

Vicariate IV[edit]

The parishes of Vicariate IV comprise the Leeward Oʻahu Vicariate.

Vicariate V[edit]

The parishes of Vicariate V comprise the Maui Vicariate.

Vicariate VI[edit]

The parishes of Vicariate VI comprise the West Hawaiʻi Vicariate.

Vicariate VII[edit]

The parishes of Vicariate VII comprise the East Hawaiʻi Vicariate.

Vicariate VIII[edit]

The parishes of Vicariate VIII comprise the Kauaʻi Vicariate.

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