Saint Roderick

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Saint Roderick
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Died March 13, 837
Córdoba, Al-Andalus
Venerated in Roman Catholic Church
Eastern Orthodox Church
Feast March 13

Saint Roderick (Latin: Rodericus, Rudericus, (Spanish: San Rodrigo; died March 13, 857 AD) is venerated as one of the Martyrs of Córdoba. Tradition states that he was a Christian priest of Cabra who had two brothers: one was a Muslim, the other had no religion. Once, after his brothers began to fight one another, Roderick attempted to break up the fight. However, they turned on him instead and beat him.

When Roderick awoke, he found that his Muslim brother had reported to the authorities that Roderick had converted to Islam. When Roderick maintained his loyalty to the Catholic religion, he was accused of apostasy under Sharia law. He was imprisoned and then beheaded along with Salomon (Solomon) at Córdoba.

St. Roderick's Convent and Hospital in Cabra, established in the 16th century, bears his name.

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