Saint Spyridon Church, Trieste

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Saint Spyridon Church, Trieste
Црква светог Спиридона
Crkva svetog Spiridona
Chiesa di San Spiridione
Location Trieste
Country Italy
Denomination Serbian Orthodox
Dedication Saint Spyridon
Architect(s) Carlo Maciachini
Archdiocese Diocese of Central Europe

Saint Spyridon Church is a Serbian Orthodox church in Trieste, Italy.


The Orthodox community in Trieste was established in 1748 but it wasn't until 1751 when Empress Maria Theresa allowed free practice of religion for Orthodox Christians, this prompted immigration of Serbian traders from Herceg Novi, Trebinje and Sarajevo to Trieste.[1] In 1781, the community split into two. The first was Greek community and second, from which there is today's Serbian parish, was the community which embraced the Orthodox South Slavic nations.[2] From 1994[3] up to administrative changes within the dioceses of the Serbian Orthodox Church, the parish in Trieste fell within the Metropolitanate of Zagreb and Ljubljana. Today it is part of the jurisdiction of the Diocese of Central Europe.

Emilio Bisi produced sculptures for the facade.


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Coordinates: 45°39′05″N 13°46′24″E / 45.65139°N 13.77333°E / 45.65139; 13.77333