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Saint Veredemus
Born 640
prob. Greece
Died 720 AD
Venerated in Roman Catholic Church
Feast June 17;[1] August 20[2]
Patronage invoked for rain; patron of shepherds at Crau, France

Saint Veredemus (also Veredemius; French: Saint Vérédème, Vrème, Vrime[3]) was an 8th-century hermit who become bishop of Avignon around 700 AD. According to tradition, he was of Greek origin and was born around 640 AD.[4]

Veredemus settled at Gaul as a hermit, in the valley of the Durance.[4] A grotto associated with Veredemus is located at the Gorge du Gardon.[4] He was a companion of Saint Giles and at the death of Saint Agricola of Avignon was chosen as bishop of Avignon.[4] He served as bishop until around 720 AD.[4]


Veredemus' hermitage at the gorges of Gardon is the oldest Christian structure in lower Languedoc, dating from 8th century AD.[4] Its apse is decorated with 8th-century paintings.[4]

Veredemus is venerated at Cavaillon, Apt, and Carpentras, and a fête Saint-Vérédème is celebrated at Eyguières.[5] Until the 1960s, the inhabitants of Sanilhac would make the pilgrimage to Veredemus’ grotto on the Gardon to pray for abundant rain.[4] He was the patron saint of the shepherds of the plains of Crau.[4]


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