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Saint Wenna (c. 463 – c. 18 October ???) is a Cornish saint and the dedicatee of several churches, venerated in the Eastern Orthodox Church, Roman Catholic Church, and Anglican Communion.[1][2] Her feast day is 18 October.[3]

Wenna founded the church of Talgarth and St Wenn and chapels at St Kew and Cheristowe (in Stoke-by-Hartland, Devon).


Wenna is thought to have been a daughter of Brychan a legendary king of Brycheiniog in South Wales. Her first church was at Talgarth, near her home.

She, Nectan (her brother), and possibly other siblings evangelized Cornwall where she founded the church at St Wenn (near Bodmin) and chapels at St Kew and Cheristowe.

She was murdered by pagans on 18 October of an unknown year at Talgarth.

She should not be confused with her niece Saint Wenna (Gwen ferch Cynyr), a 6th-century queen.


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