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Public Transit
Sainte-Julie logo.png
Locale Sainte-Julie, Quebec
Service type Bus service
Operator Veolia Transportation[1]
Website Ville de Sainte-Julie (Fr)

Sainte-Julie Public Transit is the public transportation service for the small city of Sainte-Julie in southwestern Quebec, Canada. This municipality is located in the Marguerite-D'Youville Regional County Municipality, about 25 kilometres (16 mi), northeast of downtown Montreal.

The system provides a mix of regular transit bus and commuter express services, with most routes terminating either at Longueuil bus station or in downtown Montreal in front of 800, rue De La Gauchetière Ouest, across the street from Gare Centrale and near Terminus Centre-Ville. Agence métropolitaine de transport park and ride facilities for commuters, are located at 211 boulevard Armand-Frappier.[2][3] Industrial and rural areas of Sainte-Julie are served by taxibus.[4][5]

The Marguerite-D'Youville Regional County Municipality manages the transportation for people with disabilities within the Region. To be eligible for this service, one must complete the application form and be approved.

Bus routes[edit]

Sainte-Julie bus routes
No. Description [5] Service times AMT
Local Map
100 Sainte-Julie south area to Longueuil Map Schedule
250 Sainte-Julie centre-west area to Longueuil Map Schedule
350 Sainte-Julie to Longueuil Not available Schedule
400 Sainte-Julie south and north areas to Longueuil Map Schedule
450 Sainte-Julie to Longueuil N/A Schedule
500 Sainte-Julie centre-east area to Longueuil Map Schedule
600 Sainte-Julie to Montreal (de La Gauchetière Street / University Street near Place Bonaventure, Central Station and the downtown bus terminal) N/A Schedule
800 Sainte-Julie centre-west area to Montreal (de La Gauchetière Street / University Street) Map Schedule
900 Sainte-Julie south area to Montreal (de La Gauchetière Street / University Street) Map Schedule
T-110 Sainte-Julie - Industrial park taxibus Map Schedule
T-510 Sainte-Julie - Rural area taxibus Map Schedule
AMT Route Map, Sainte-Julie - Montreal / Longueuil (except taxibus)

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