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Église Sainte-Marie

Sainte-Marie-sur-Mer is a former commune in the Pays de Retz, situated in the Loire-Atlantique département and in the French région of Pays de la Loire. From 1973, it was absorbed by the neighbouring commune of Pornic and from July 1, 2007 it became a subdivision of this commune.

The commune forms a part of Brittany, in the traditional county of Retz and in the historical Pays Nantais.

The inhabitants of Sainte-Marie are known as the Sanmaritains and Sanmaritaines.


Sainte-Marie-sur-Mer is a market town on the Côte de Jade, with a jagged coastline strewn with coves.


At one time, during the French First Republic, Sainte-Marie was known as Roche-Peltier.

The commune of Sainte-Marie was attached to that of Pornic on June 1, 1973 (under the terms of the Marcelin law of July 16, 1971).

On May 16, 2006, the Sanmaritains voted for the complete amalgamation of the communes of Sainte-Marie-sur-Mer and Pornic with 50.83% of the vote in favour (with a difference of just 47 votes out of more than 2800 voters). In effect, from 1973, Sainte-Marie-sur-Mer possessed a status of associated commune with Pornic and removed the deputy mayor of Sainte-Marie, Jean-François Cossé who had opposed the amalgamation of the two communes.

On July 1, 2007, after the acceptance by the prefect of the amalgamation of the communes of Pornic and Sainte-Marie-sur-Mer, the latter lost its status as associated commune and became a subdivision of Pornic .

List of Mayors[edit]

  • Abbé Beaudouin -1823
  • Bodin des Plantes 1823-
  • Edouard Thomas -1828
  • François Raffin 1828- (maire provisoire)
  • Edouard Thomas -1852
  • René Laraison 1852-1870
  • Michel Picot 1870-1884
  • François Maurice 1884-1886
  • Jules Galot 1886-
  • Guillon Constant 1886-
  • Souchlaud
  • Bézier
  • Rouhaud

After the amalgamation with the town of Pornic, Sainte-Marie-sur-Mer and the aforementioned Pornic came to represent a single electoral zone.


Population movement
1801 1866 1921 1936 1962 1968
1154 1517 1578 1638 2068
Census count starting from 1962: Population without double counting

Places and monuments[edit]

  • Sainte-Marie church
  • Le chateau de La Mossardière
  • Commonwealth war graves in Ste. Marie Communal Cemetery

People from Sainte-Marie-sur-Mer[edit]

Resiting of the market[edit]

Since the end of March, 2007 the market was moved creating a heated debate between tradesman, customers and the town hall. In the Courier of the Pays de Retz of April 5, 2007 the writer of the article spoke of a toxic atmosphere in the town.

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¹ - Source : Ouest France.

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Coordinates: 47°6′46″N 2°7′55″W / 47.11278°N 2.13194°W / 47.11278; -2.13194