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Saintonge, historically spelled Xaintonge and Xainctonge, is a former region of France located on the west central Atlantic coast.

Saintonge may also refer to:



  • Jean-Pierre Saintonge (born 1945), Quebec, Canada educator, lawyer, judge and political figure
  • Anne de Xainctonge or de Saintonge (1567–1621), founder of the Society of the Sisters of Saint Ursula of the Blessed Virgin, the first non-cloistered women's religious community


  • Saintongese, people from Saintonge, an area in western France
  • Saintonge Regiment, infantry regiments of France
  • Saintonge War, a feudal dynastic encounter that occurred in 1242 and 1243 between forces of Louis IX of France, Alphonse of Poiters and those of Henry III of England, Hugh X of Lusignan, and Raymond VII of Toulouse

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