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Saipa Shisheh(saipaglass) is one of the main automotive glass producers in Iran, supplying SAIPA, Iran's second largest car manufacturer.

Has Installed And Utilized The Fully Automatic Pre – Processing Line In Order To Achieve Mass – Production And Improving The Product's Quality . This Line Which Includes The Most Modern Machineries, Automatically Does The Loading, Final Cutting, Shape Cutting, Edging, Edge – Finishing ( Diamond ), Drilling, And Washing – Up, And The Out – Coming Products Have Highest Dimensional Accuracy, Desirable Quality Of Edge Finishing And Repeatability.The Modern Printing Machineries, Qualified And Expert Personnel, Highest Quality Raw Material, Controlled Environmental Conditions And Suitable Dryer, Has Helped " Saipa Shisheh Company" To Manufacture Variety Of Printed Glass With High Quality And According To The Customer's Needs.

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