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Tiba (miniator)
Tiba Kermanshah.jpg
Production2009–present Iran (by Saipa)
AssemblyKashan, Iran
DesignerItaldesign Giugiaro
Body and chassis
Body style4-door saloon, 5-door hatchback
LayoutFront engine, Front-wheel drive
Platform"S81" platform
RelatedKIA Pride, KIA RIO, Geely CK
EngineInline-4, 1.5 L, petrol
Wheelbase2410 mm (94 in)
Length4,105 mm (162 in)
Width1,635 mm (64 in)
Height1,484 mm (58 in)
Curb weight1,013 kg (2,233 lb)

Tiba (gazelle) is an Iranian car made by Saipa, that was unveiled in December 2008 as "Miniator". The car was originally named "Miniator", based on the "S81" platform.[1]

Price has been estimated to be less than 10,000 dollars.[2] The car platform has been designed by Saipa, and its safety is reasonable. In its production the services of some 122 local manufacturers have been utilized and about 810 parts have been produced.[3]

A new subsidiary, Saipa Kashan will take up production of the car. The share of Tiba in Saipa’s exports is expected to be around 20 percent by 2011.[4][5] Saipa Tiba is being sold in Ukraine since 2012.[6]

Technical Specifications[edit]

A white Saipa Tiba made in Iran
Engine Horse Power
SOHC 1.5L 80/5200 126/3200

base on new platform, the new engine has been designed according to this specification 4-cylinder 80 hp 1503cc engine and 5-speed manual transmission, which have been both modified in size and power by the German FEV company, with a fuel economy of 42MPG (5.6L/100 km) in highways and 33MPG in the cities. (7.2L/100 km) The car is also relatively well-equipped, with a CD Player, anti-theft technology, customizable seat position and front light angle, and automatic front windows.[7] Only 20% of all auto-parts used in the production of the Saipa Tiba cars are domestically manufactured.[8]

The car's safety features are reasonable and equipped with driver's and passenger's airbag and an ABS have been installed on base-models.Along with other accessories such as automatic rear windows, auto-climate control, aluminum rims, and a remote control can optionally be ordered during purchase.[9]

Tiba 2 (Hatchback)[edit]

rear Tiba2

Recently unveiled in a ceremony hosted and organized by Saipa,[10] it is the hatchback version of Saipa Tiba. It can be expected that the hatchback will be fitted with the same engine as its sedan counterpart.[11]

Although no price has yet been specified, Saipa has suggested that the car will be available for sale in the near future.

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