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Sairandhri (Malayalam: സൈരന്ധ്രി)) is a place in Kerala, southern India at about 11°5.22′N 76°27.24′E / 11.08700°N 76.45400°E / 11.08700; 76.45400. It is the entrance point and visitors center for Silent Valley National Park. Sairandhri is the site of a controversial hydroelectric dam that was proposed in 1958 and finally rejected in 1984.

Kunthipuzha River[edit]

Legend says that every morning the Pandavas would rise with the sun and bathe at the river and to that river they gave their mother's name Kunti (Puzha: is river in Malayalam) thus: "Kunthipuzha".[1]

The only way to reach the river from Sairandhri is a 2 km down hill day hike along a steep winding trail to an 18-m long suspension bridge that crosses the river. There are many perennial springs along the way and there are many leeches along the trail.[2]


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