Saitō clan

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Saitō clan
Home province Echizen
Parent house Fujiwara clan
Titles Various
Final ruler Saitō Tatsuoki
Ruled until 1564, defeat by Oda Nobunaga

The Saitō clan (斎藤氏, Saitō-shi) was a Japanese samurai kin group from Echizen Province.[1]


The clan claimed descent from Fujiwara Toshihito.[1]

Saitō Dōsan (1494–1556) was the father-in-law of Oda Nobunaga. Dōsan was attacked by his own son, Saitō Yoshitatsu; and he died in battle.[2]

Saitō Tatsuoki was the son of Yoshitatsu. Tatsuoki was defeated by Oda Nobunaga in 1564; and the clan disappeared.[1]


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