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Saitwal is a Digambara Jain community of Maharashtra. Swahitwal means that they work for the benefit of their inner self (Swa+hit+wal).

Saitwal community is largely concentrated in Maharashtra state, though people from Saitwal community can be found in all over India.

The community is majority among Digambar Jains in Maharashtra. They are predominantly in profession of tailoring and have been spread in pockets of Vidarbha, Marathwada, Khandesh and in small proportion in Western Maharashtra as well.

Mostly the financially weaker section among otherwise well to do jains. Over past few decades many of Saitwal jains have achieved socioeconomic development with education and entrepreneurship.

Last year this community was awarded OBC status by government though it was deprived of such privileges for many years even after remaining weaker section of society due to misconception of being an integral part of elite Jain community.

Religious organizations[edit]

The Dakshin Bharat Jain Sabha is a religious and social service organization of the Jains of South India. The organization is headquartered at Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India.[1] The association is credited with being one of the first Jain associations to start reform movements among the Jains in modern India.[2][3] The organization mainly seeks to represent the interests of the native Jains of Maharashtra (Marathi Jains), Karnataka (Kannada Jains) and Goa.

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