Sajan Re Jhoot Mat Bolo

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Sajan Re Jhoot Mat Bolo
Created by Optimystix Entertainment
Written by Vipul D Shah
Hemant Kevani
Amit Senchoudhary
Directed by Hemen Chauhan
Creative director(s) Dharampal Thakur
Starring Sumeet Raghavan
Mugdha Chaphekar
Apara Mehta
Ami Trivedi
Shalini Khanna
Country of origin India
Original language(s) Hindi
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes
  • 478(Season 1)
  • 4 (Season 2) as 26 may 2017
  • Total 482
Producer(s) Vipul D Shah
Sanjiv Sharma
Running time approximately 20 minutes
Production company(s) Optimystix Entertainment
Original network SAB TV
Picture format

480i (SDTV)

1080i (HDTV)
Original release December 14, 2009 – January 6, 2012(Season1)May 23, 2017 - present (Season 2)

Sajan Re Jhoot Mat Bolo, abbreviated as SRJMB, was a Hindi sitcom telecast on SAB TV from Monday to Friday at 9.00 pm IST initially but later at 11:30 pm. The serial name was based on a famous song “Sajan re jhoot mat bolo, Khuda ke paas jana hai” from the movie Teesri Kasam.


Apoorva is looking for a job. He lands a job with the Dhirubhai's Global Sanskar Group of Industries. Apoorva meets Aarti (niece of Dhirubhai) and falls in love with her. Apoorva lies to Dhirubhai and Aarti about his family. Raju, Apoorva's best friend, builds up a fake family. After a month Aarti gets married to Apoorva. It shows how Apoorva and other family members try to hide the truth of this fake family from Dhirubhai and his niece Aarti.


Sajan Re Jhoot Mat Bolo revolves around the humor that comes from situational lies and liars. It is a situational comedy that arises from a small lie that the protagonist, Apoorva, had to tell his employer Dhirubhai Jhaveri to get a job. Dhirubhai is a very successful businessman who hates lies and liars and believes in family bonding and values. His belief in these values at times crosses levels of normalcy and are unbelievably rigid. Apoorva was raised in an orphanage and, to get the job in Dhirubhai’s company, lies that he has a full-fledged family in India. Apoorva’s description of his imaginary family makes Dhirubhai fall in love with each and every member.

Dhirubhai has a niece Aarti, who is young, beautiful and believes in the same values as her uncle. They both trust Apoorva blindly: He has earned this trust and respect on the basis of his hard work. Over time he has become the Man Friday for Dhirubhai as well as Aarti. Apoorva has also developed a liking for Aarti but has refrained from expressing his feelings to her.

Dhirubhai fixes Aarti’s marriage but, in a dramatic turn of events, it is called off at the last moment. Dhirubhai decides to marry Aarti with Apoorva. He announces that the marriage will take place in India, in the presence of Apoorva’s family. Apoorva tries to convey the truth to Aarti but realizes that it will break her heart. He asks his friend Rajesh (Raju) to set up his fake family in India before the marriage, which has to take place in a few days.

Rajesh does the needful and when Apoorva arrives in India with Dhirubhai and Aarti, he comes face to face with family for the first time. From here starts a non-stop comical journey in which the family members, who are from varied backgrounds, try to find their feet in their new characters and live up to Dhirubhai and Aarti’s expectations.And the fake family never speaks truth to Dhirubhai .[1]

Goa trip[edit]

In a series of episodes particularly for a Valentine's Day special,[2] the family was shown on a trip to Goa. On the trip, Dhirubhai crashes with Preeti who is roaming around in modern clothes. What follows is a series of attempts by Apoorva to make him believe that doubles do exist in this world. Dhirubhai refuses to accept it but, in the end, as Apoorva was about to unfold the secret of his family, Dhirubhai meets his own look-alike and believes Apoorva. Once again the family is saved from being destroyed.


Actors Character
Sumeet Raghavan Apoorva Shah
Ami Trivedi Tulika Shah
Shalini Khanna Pallavi Shah
Melissa Pais Preeti Shah
Tiku Talsania Dhirubhai Jhaveri
Pallavi Pradhan Usha Dhirubhai Jhaveri
Mugdha Chaphekar/Anchal Sabharwal Aarti Jhaveri/Aarti Shah
Manoj Goyal Pankaj Shah
Sukesh Anand Paresh Shah
Apara Mehta Damini Devi Deewan
Rajiv Thakur Raju/Ishwar Lal Shah
Swapnil Joshi Bhavesh Bhausar
Mehul Bhojak Mohit Kunwar Singh
Paresh Ganatra Natwarlaal (cameo)
Shweta Tiwari ACP Archana
Navina Bole Soniya
Karishma Tanna Kiran
Drashti Dhami herself

Main characters[edit]

Dhirubhai Jhaveri[edit]

Tiku Talsania plays the character of Dhirubhai Jhaveri: a 55-year-old, rich, very honest, god-fearing, truthful man. He is a diamond merchant in London with business in eight countries including India is a firm believer in Indian culture, traditions and family values. He hates lies.

Has lost his wife and three kids, his brother and bhabhi and their three kids in a tragic bus accident 15 years ago. Only his brother’s daughter survived. He raised as his daughter. He has inculcated the same family values in her in which he believes. He wants to fulfill his responsibility of getting her married and settle her in a good family who believes in the traditional family values.

He dislikes Raju very much.[3]

Aarti Jhaveri[edit]

Portrayed by Anchal Sabharwal, a 23-year-old daughter of Dhirubhai's brother who died in the tragic bus accident. She was in shock and had gone into depression. It took Dhirubhai 15 years to bring her out of the shock to normal life.

Now she is full of zest for life, bubbly, chirpy, charming and full of energy and optimism. She is a firm believer in god and that life is beautiful and future is optimistic. She is a little short-tempered and a firm believer in Indian traditions and family values. She wants to fulfill her father's dream and settle down in a good joint family after marriage.

Anchal Sabharwal has replaced Mugdha Chaphekar for Aarti's character.[3]

Apoorva Shah[edit]

Sumeet Raghavan has played the character of Apoorva Shah.

A 25-year-old gentleman, handsome very practical, having worldly wisdom, with a great sense of humour and always lively. He was employed by Dhirubhai 15 years ago when he was very poor as a helping hand at home. On seeing his sharpness, Dhirubhai gradually puts him in business as it was expanding; he is now the right hand of Dhirubhai who has seen the spark of business acumen in him. He has seen Apoorva taking wise business decisions and so is rightly called “Man Friday” who has solutions of any problems under the sun. He always talks highly of his (non-existent) family — a mother, father, two brothers, two bhabhis, and one sister — who are residing in Mumbai. As he constantly talks about them in high regards. Believing in him Dhirubhai feels closely connected to his family by his regards of the family.

He has a fondness for Arti Jhaveri of which Dhirubhai is aware.

Gradually Dhirubhai marries of his daughter Arti to him as he believes in Apoorva and that his daughter will be happy in that joint family of Apurva in Mumbai.

Usha Dhirubhai Jhaveri[edit]

In the 3 November 2010 episode, Usha Dhirubhai Jhaveri reappears. She first is seen upon as a ghost but later, after lodging a case against her, Dhirubhai and the family learns that she had not died but was injured and had lost memory. She has now rejoined the family. She forgets things at a short interval. She discovers the secret of Apoorva's fake family and threatens to reveal it. However after close observation, she decides to not reveal the secret and calls the family as "Sabse Pyara Parivaar" — the most lovable family. She is loved by the family as a mother.

Ishwarlal Shah/Raju[edit]

This character of Apoorva's father is played by Raju (Rajiv Thakur), best friend of Apoorva who helped to create this family. After setting up a fake family he realises that there was no one to play the role of Apoorva's father, so he is playing the role of Apoorva's father. When he is asked to give pravachan, he sings Hindi songs of olden days. He always helps Apoorva when there is any trouble. On the other side of coin (Raju) he is lazy, slacker, and loves his girlfriend Shabbo and is always insulted by Dhiru. and raju also wants to quit the role of apoorva father

Damini Devi Deewan[edit]

This character of Apoorva's mother is played by Damini Dewaan (Apara Mehta). She is a 42-year-old theatre artist who now portrays the role of a mother in most plays. Damini is always seen creating trouble. Her innocence and inability to hold the truth makes her spill the beans about the family, but the other family members cover her mistakes humorously. She is often seen enacting her "Jhansi ki Rani" play, which she claims had stirred the then theater scene. Little is known about her past except in one episode it is revealed that she has a brother, who was lost in a village fair when they were kids. He persuades her to leave the fake family and return to Gujarat with him, where he has a cycle repair shop, but the family members refuse to part with their mother. Regardless of her blunders, the other members of the family are fond of her. The brothers Apoorva, Poresh and Pankaj decide to adopt her as their mother in an episode. Damini is often seen reminiscing about her past exploits as a theater artist in plays called "Uova satham manj" and "Jhansi ki Rani". Damini likes to play "Jhansi ki Rani" and is seen repeating the dialogue "mein meri Jhansi nahi doongi" (I shall not give up my kingdom of Jhansi). Apart from acting she is fond of sweets and is chided by her family members for her vast consumption of gulab jamoon and jalebee.

Pankaj Shah (Pankaj Sudhir Mishra)[edit]

Pankaj is Apoorva elder brother. His character portrayed by Manish Goyal. He runs an "anath ashram" (orphanage) and is a staunch bachelor (brahmachari). He was selected to play Apoorva's elder brother after the chosen elder brother ran away after getting a role in a Bollywood movie. He says he accepted to play Apoorva's brother because he is his childhood friend, both have grown up in the same orphanage and he could not see Apoorva in trouble. He speaks pure Hindi. Preeti falls in love with him and always tries to persuade him to marry her. Later he starts loving Preeti. Preeti's mother does not accept their marriage. So Pankaj leaves the house and comes back as Peter. After taking the agreement of Preeti's mother, they marry each other and become a real couple. The family members are often troubled by his language.

Preeti Shah (Pinky D'souza)[edit]

Preeti Shah is the wife of Pankaj Shah and Apoorva's sister-in-law. She is portrayed by Melissa Pais. She was a backstage dancer earlier and knows dancing very well. She starts dancing with Ishwarlal starts singing Pravachan. She loves her fake husband and wants to marry him, but Pankaj is not ready. Later Pankaj starts loving her and marries her after her mother agrees, as she wanted Preeti to marry a Christian boy of the same religion, and not Pankaj, who is a Hindu.

Paresh Shah/Gondogol[edit]

Apoorva's second elder brother. This character is portrayed by Sukesh Anand. He is a Bengali guy, who had been a thief before joining this family. He tried to steal valuables of the family members too out of his habits. But as he started loving his fake wife, Pallavi, he has now left theft habits and trying to improve himself. He loves the family and always tries to save Apoorva's fake family. His real name is Gondogol. When Pallavi's fiance Mohit arrives to take Pallavi, Apoorva tells him that if he really wants to see Pallavi happy, he should let her go with Mohit. A heart broken Paresh agrees, but soon he finds out that Mohit is a crook and wants Pallavi's jewellery. He then decides to expose him but gets failed. He then leaves the home but is known that he is safe and together with Apoorva he reveals Mohit's mystery.

Pallavi Shah[edit]

She plays Paresh's wife. She is portrayed by Shalini Khanna. She is a Rajasthani girl, who is already engaged to be married with a person in Rajasthan. As her marriage is not scheduled yet, she has joined Apoorva's fake family. Paresh loves her but she doesn't like it as she's dedicated to her fiance. She's so shy that she never addresses directly the person she's talking to and addresses the objects near them like "kangan sa, katori sa, sookhe hue phool sa," etc.

Tulika Shah(Tulika Banjaran)[edit]

She plays the role of Apoorva's sister in his fake family. this character is portrayed by Ami Trivedi. She is smart, a beautiful banjanran (a vagabond tribeswomen) who was picked up by Raju from the street side while she was performing acrobatics to earn money. Her father is a drunk and rude character who made her perform on the streets to fund his drinking habit. He leaves her and never vows to return once. He is told that she is married to Raju(a lie to get rid of her father). She is very helpful in understanding the situation Apoorva gets stuck in and helps him by solving many problems coming towards the family. She is known to have the knowledge of making potions from herbs and roots and other quack remedies.

Secondary characters[edit]

Mohit Kunwar Singh[edit]

Mehul Bhojak portrays role of Mohit. He was a fiancé of Pallavi but is a wanted criminal. Apoorva and Paresh get him arrested. He has returned and as an antagonist is trying to reveal Apoorva's secret. He tricks Dhirubhai Jhaveri and takes all his flats, cars, bungalows and other property and Mohit have power of attorney paper. Disguising as Lucky Singh, Apoorva gets him arrested by fooling him to make a film Badla: The Revenge.Apoorva takes Dhirubhai Jhaveri's flats, cars bungalows and other property back from him.


Sumeet Raghavan and Pallavi Pradhan earlier worked opposite each other for one episode in Dilip Joshi and Sumeet Raghavan starrer show Shubh Mangal Savadhan in 2002.


Sab ke Anokhe Awards[edit]

  • Sabse Anokhi Family - All the Cast

Indian Telly Awards[edit]

Year Nominee/work Award Result
2010 Sumeet Raghavan Best Actor in a Comic Role (Jury) Won

Season 2[edit]

The second season titled as "Sajan Re Fir Jhoot Mat Bolo" started airing from 23rd of May 2017.


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