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Place of originPakistan & Iran
Region or stateBalochistan, Pakistan
Sajji being cooked in Balochistan, Pakistan

Sajji (Balochi and Urdu: سجی) is a dish originating from the Balochistan province of Pakistan. Traditional and authentic sajji consists of whole lamb but on commercial level it is mostly made with chicken due to its lower costs, in skewers (fat and meat intact), marinated only in salt. Sajji is considered done when it is at the 'rare' stage. It is served with a special bread "Kaak", "roti" or "naan", which is baked in an oven, wrapped around a stone "tandoor". Regional varieties are found with subtle differences in flavouring notably in the urban centres of Karachi, Islamabad or Lahore, uses chicken instead of lamb, and is roasted until it is medium or well-done and is served with rice instead of Balochistan's triditional Kaak bread.

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