Sakai River (Gifu)

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Sakai River
Sakai River (Gifu).JPG
Native name 境川
Country Japan
Physical characteristics
Main source Kakamigahara
River mouth Nagara River
Length 30.3 km (18.8 mi)
Basin features
River system Kiso River
Basin size 55 km2 (21 sq mi)

The Sakai River (境川, Sakai-gawa) is a river in Japan which flows through Gifu Prefecture. It is part of the Kiso River system.


The river originates in Kakamigahara, then flows through Gifu, Ginan, Kasamatsu and Hashima, where it flows into the Nagara River.


Up until the Sengoku Period, the lower portion of the Sakai River was the main part of the Kiso River. The river received its name, which means "border river," because it formed the border between Mino and Owari provinces.