Sakai Station

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Sakai Station
Nankai Sakai sta east.jpg
Sakai Station east gate in March 2011
Location 22, Ebisujimachō 3-cho, Sakai-ku, Sakai
Osaka Prefecture
Coordinates 34°34′54.09″N 135°28′8.25″E / 34.5816917°N 135.4689583°E / 34.5816917; 135.4689583Coordinates: 34°34′54.09″N 135°28′8.25″E / 34.5816917°N 135.4689583°E / 34.5816917; 135.4689583
Operated by Nankai group logo.svg Nankai Electric Railway
Line(s) Nankai mainline symbol.svg Nankai Main Line
Platforms 2 island platforms
  • Bus terminal
Structure type Elevated
Other information
Station code NK11
Website Official website
Opened (Old station): May 1888[1]
(Current station): December 1997[1]
Closed (Old station): 1990s[1]
Passengers 35,528 daily
Sakai Station is located in Japan
Sakai Station
Sakai Station
Location within Japan

Sakai Station (堺駅, Sakai-eki) is a train station on the Nankai Main Line in Sakai-ku, Sakai, Osaka Prefecture, Japan, operated by the private railway operator Nankai Electric Railway.[1]


Sakai Station layout



Two island platforms serving four tracks are located on the third level. Ticket gates are located in the center and the south; the center gates are connected with the east and west exits, and the south gates are with the south gate.

1  Nankai Line for Wakayamashi and Kansai Airport
2  Nankai Line for Wakayamashi and Kansai Airport
3  Nankai Line for Namba
4  Nankai Line for Namba

Adjacent stations[edit]

« Service »
Nankai Main Line (NK11)
Shichidō (NK10)   Local (普通車)   Minato (NK12)
Tengachaya (NK05)   Semi-Express (running only for Namba in the morning on weekdays)   Minato (NK12)
Tengachaya (NK05)   Sub. Express   Hagoromo (NK16)
Tengachaya (NK05)   Airport Express   Hagoromo (NK16)
Tengachaya (NK05)   Express   Hagoromo (NK16)
Limited Express "Rapi:t α" for Kansai Airport: Does not stop at this station
Tengachaya (NK05)   Limited Express "Rapi:t β"   Kishiwada (NK24)
Tengachaya (NK05)   Limited Express "Southern"   Kishiwada (NK24)

Surrounding area[edit]

Station building
PLATPLAT (shopping mall by Nankai Railway)[2]
Nankai Bus Terminal (Sakai-ekimae)
Hotel Agora Regency Sakai
Portas Sakai
Round 1 (entertainment facility)
Takemoto Piano[3]
Bus Terminal (Sakai-eki nishiguchi)
Shop Nankai
Nankai Bus Terminal (Sakai-eki minamiguchi)
Ryujin District


Sakai-ekimae (Nankai Bus)
for Oshoji and Sakaihigashi-ekimae
for Hanwa Sakaishi-ekimae and Kawachi-Matsubara-ekimae
for Shukuin and Higashi-Minato
for Dejima and Sakai City Hospital
for Dejima and Kogyo-gakkko-mae (Osaka Prefectural Sakai Technology High School)
for Intex Osaka, Asia & Pacific Trade Center and Osaka Prefectural Government Sakishima Building
Expressway buses for Shinjuku and Tokyo
Expressway buses for Takeo Onsen, Sasebo and Huis Ten Bosch
Expressway buses for Odawara, Fujisawa, Kamakura, Ofuna and Totsuka
Expressway buses for Kashiwazaki, Nagaoka and Sanjo
Expressway buses for Yokohama, Tokyo Disney Resort, Nishi-Funabashi and Makuhari
Sakai-eki nishiguchi
for J-GREEN Sakai (Nankai Bus)
for Sakaihama Seaside Stage (Nankai Bus)
for Takumicho (Sharp Sakai Factory) (Nankai Bus)
for Hanwa Sakaishi-ekimae (Nankai Bus)
Kansai Airport limousine "Sorae" for Kansai Airport (Nankai Bus)
for Suminoekoen (Osaka Municipal Transportation Bureau)
Sakai-eki minamiguchi (Nankai Bus)
for Kanaoka
for Nakamozu
for Kitanoda
for Shukuin and Oshoji
for Dejima and Sakai City Hospital
for Dejima and Kogyo-gakkko-mae (Osaka Prefectural Sakai Technology High School)


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