Sakakibara-Onsenguchi Station

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Sakakibara-Onsenguchi Station
Sakakibara-Onsenguchi Station
Prefecture Mie
(See other stations in Mie)
City Tsu
Neighborhood 1526-2 Hakusen-cho Sada
Postal code 515-2621
Address in Japanese 三重県津市白山町佐田1526-2
Opened 1930
Former name Sada Station
Present name since 1965
Rail services
Operator(s) Kintetsu
Line(s) Kintetsu Osaka Line
Statistics 760 passengers/day (FY2010)

Sakakibara-Onsenguchi Station (榊原温泉口駅 Sakakibara-Onsenguchi-eki?) is a railway station on the Kintetsu Osaka Line in Tsu, Mie Prefecture, Japan, operated by the private railway operator Kintetsu. Sakakibara-Onsenguchi Station is 95.4 rail kilometers from the terminus of the line at Ōsaka Uehommachi Station.[1]


Station layout[edit]

Sakakibara-Onsenguchi Station has two opposed side platforms. The station is built on the side of a hill, with the platforms at a higher elevation than the station building.


1  Osaka Line for Ise-Nakagawa, Matsusaka, Ujiyamada, Toba, Kashikojima, Tsu, and Nagoya
2  Osaka Line for Osaka Uehommachi, Osaka Namba, and Kyoto
Change trains at Yamato-Yagi and Yamato-Saidaiji for Nara
Change trains at Tsuruhashi for Kobe

Adjacent stations[edit]

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Kintetsu Osaka Line
Higashi-Aoyama   Local   Ōmitsu
Higashi-Aoyama   Express   Ise-Nakagawa
Aoyamacho   Rapid Express   Ise-Nakagawa


Sakakibara-Onsenguchi Station opened on November 19, 1930 as Sada Station (佐田駅 Sada-eki?) on the Sangu Express Electric Railway. After merging with Osaka Electric Kido on March 15, 1941, the line became the Kansai Express Railway's Osaka Line. [2] This line was merged with the Nankai Electric Railway on June 1, 1944 to form Kintetsu.[2] The station name was changed to its present name on March 1, 1965. On December 18, 1973, due to failure of an ATS system, a runaway train derailed in the Aoyama Tunnel near this station, with 25 fatalities.


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Coordinates: 34°40′29″N 136°20′55″E / 34.6747°N 136.3487°E / 34.6747; 136.3487