Sakhalin Island (book)

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Sakhalin Island
AuthorAnton Chekhov
Original titleRussian: Остров Сахалин
Genretravel notes
PublisherRusskaya Mysl
Publication date

Sakhalin Island (Russian: Остров Сахалин) is a book by Russian writer Anton Chekhov written and published (originally in parts) in 1891–1893. It consists of "travel notes" written after Chekhov's trip to the island of Sakhalin in summer and autumn of 1890. The book is based on the writer's personal travel experience, as well as on extensive statistical data collected by him.

In the opinion of some researchers, the genre of this book was influenced by The House of the Dead by Fyodor Dostoyevsky and Siberia and Katorga by Sergey Maksimov (who is repeatedly mentioned in the text).[1]


Anton Chekhov returned from Sakhalin to Moscow on December 8, 1890, and at the beginning of 1891 began working on his book. He initially intended to print the entire book and refused to publish separate parts in literary journals, but in 1892 he agreed to publish Chapter XXII ("Fugitives on Sakhalin") in the digest Helping the Hungry.[2]

Chapters I–XIX were first published in the journal Russkaya Mysl in 1893 (nos 10–12) and 1894 (nos 2–7).[3] In 1895 the book was at last published in a separate edition, with the addition of chapters XX–XXIII and with minor corrections of the first nineteen ones, entitled Sakhalin Island (From Travel Notes).[4][5][6] Chapter XXII was reprinted in a separate edition (with significant text reductions and amendments) from the digest Helping the Hungry.[7]

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