Sakhipur Upazila

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Not to be confused with Shakhipur Upazila of Shariatpur District
Sakhipur is located in Bangladesh
Location in Bangladesh
Coordinates: 24°19′N 90°10.5′E / 24.317°N 90.1750°E / 24.317; 90.1750Coordinates: 24°19′N 90°10.5′E / 24.317°N 90.1750°E / 24.317; 90.1750
Country  Bangladesh
Division Dhaka Division
District Tangail District
 • Total 429.63 km2 (165.88 sq mi)
Population (1991)
 • Total 220,281
 • Density 513/km2 (1,330/sq mi)
Time zone BST (UTC+6)
View of Taltala Complex in 2011

Sakhipur (Bengali: সখিপুর) is an Upazila of Tangail District in the Division of Dhaka, Bangladesh.[1]


Sakhipur Upazila (Tangail District) with an area of 429.63 km², is bounded by Ghatail Upazila on the north, Mirzapur Upazila on the south, Bhaluka, Sreepur (Gazipur) and Kaliakair Upazilas on the east, Kalihati and Basail Upazilas on the west. Bangshi and Salda rivers are notable. Sakhipur town consists of four Mouzas. The area of the town is 19.67 km². Sakhipur thana was established in 1976 and was turned into an upazila in 1983. The upazila consists of eight Union Parishads, 65 Mouzas and 123 villages. Coordinates: 24.3167°N, 90.1750°E. Time-Zone: BST(UTC+6). Temperature: 34 °C at summer and 22 °C at winter season.


As of the 1991 Bangladesh census, Sakhipur has a population of 241665; male 121683, female 119982. Males constitute 50.35% of the population, and females 49.64%. Sakhipur has an average literacy rate of 33.4%,[1] compared to the national average of 32.4% literate.


Sakhipur has 8 unions, 1 pourosova Sakhipur Pourosova, 61 mauzas/mahallas, and 123 villages.[citation needed]

  1. Jadabpur
  2. Dariapur
  3. Kakrajan Union
  4. Kalia Union
  5. Baheratoil Union
  6. Bahuria Union
  7. Hatibanda Union
  8. Gazari Union



Government primary schools[edit]

  1. Barachowna Govt. Primary School
  2. Nalua Govt. Primary School
  3. Boali Govt. Primary School
  4. Kachua Govt. Primary School
  5. Berbari Govt. Priamry School
  6. Chatal Baid Govt. Primary school
  7. Bagher Bari Govt. Primary School
  8. Sakhipur Model Govt. Primary School
  9. kalmegha Govt. Primary School
  10. kalmegha Rangamatia Govt. Primary School
  11. kalmegha sondhola Govt. Primary School

High Schools[edit]

  1. Barachowna High School
  2. Daripaka High School
  3. Kutubpor Rowshon High School
  4. Kaharta High School
  5. B.L.S. Chashi High School
  6. Nalua Based Khan High School
  7. Mohanandopur Bijoy Sreeti High School
  8. Dhon Dhonia Chhoto Chouna Public High School
  9. Indarjani Public High School
  10. Montaz Nagor Residential Girls High School
  11. B.C. Baid Adarsha High School
  12. Jamshernagar High School
  13. Bager Bari Kakrajan High School
  14. Kachua Public High School
  15. Isadighi Public High School
  16. Kalia Para Dakatia Mazeda Mazid High School
  17. Kalmegha Elimjan High School


  1. Mujib Honours College
  2. Sakhipur P M Pilot Model School & College
  3. Boali College
  4. B A F Shaheen School & College
  5. Hotiya college
  6. B K college
  7. Sakhipur Residential Womens' College
  8. Polashtoli College
  9. Sunstar Institute Of Technical And B.M College


  1. Kaharta Islamia Dakhil Madrasha
  2. Munshiganj Muksadia Dakhil Madrasha
  3. Sabus Bangla Girls Dakhil Madrasha
  4. Berbari Dakhil Madrasha
  5. Shola Paratima Dakhil Madrasha
  6. Pratima Banki Islamia Senior Madrasha
  7. Nalua Islamia Senior Madrasha
  8. namderpur cadet fazil madrasha
  9. thana sodor dakhil madrasha
  10. koroteya para dakil madrasha

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