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Regions with significant populations
Rhode Island
Massachusett language
Related ethnic groups
Wampanoag people

The Sakonnet people are Native Americans in the United States, related to the Wampanoag people who spoke a dialect of the Massachusett language. The tribal name was applied to Rhode Island's Sakonnet River, Sakonnet Harbor, and other geographic features.[1]

Alternate spellings[edit]

The spelling "Sakonnet" has become accepted because of long use on maps, but the name is sometimes written as 'Sekonnet', 'Seaconnet', 'Sakonnet', 'Saconnet', 'Sakonett', or 'Segonet'.


  1. ^ Such as Sakonnet Cove in Mount Hope Bay, Sakonnet Point, and much later to Sakonnet Light.