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Mansa Sakura or Mansa Sakoura (died c. 1300) was the sixth mansa of the Mali Empire.

A slave at birth, Sakura was freed and became a general in the army of Sundiata Keita, legendary founder of the Mali Empire. After a debilitating struggle for succession between Sundiata's sons Ouati Keita and Khalifa Keita and his grandson Abu Bakr, Sakura seized control of the throne himself about 1285. Near-contemporary historian Ibn Khaldun records that under Sakura's leadership, the Empire made a number of new conquests (most notably of Gao), becoming the dominant political, economic, and military force in the Western Sudan.

Sakura performed the Hajj, but died while returning home.[1] He was allegedly killed at the Horn of Africa by the Danakil.[1] He was succeeded by Sundiata's nephew Gao.

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