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سکرنڈ  (Urdu)
سڪرنڊ  (Sindhi)
Sakrand is located in Sindh
Sakrand is located in Pakistan
Coordinates: 26°8′17″N 68°16′23″E / 26.13806°N 68.27306°E / 26.13806; 68.27306Coordinates: 26°8′17″N 68°16′23″E / 26.13806°N 68.27306°E / 26.13806; 68.27306
Country Pakistan
Province Sindh
DivisionShaheed Benazir Abad
DistrictNawabshah District
 • Taluka chairmanSyed Muneer shah
25 m (82 ft)
 • City65,699
Time zoneUTC+5 (PST)
Calling code0244

Sakrand (Urdu: سکرنڈ, Sindhi: سڪرنڊ) is a town in the Sindh province of Pakistan. Sakrand is a taluka of the district Shaheed Benazirabad (erstwhile Nawabshah), near about 18 kilometers from the old Nawabshah city. By road it is at three and a half hours drive from Karachi on National Highway and one and a half hour drive from Hyderabad on National Highway. It is rich in Agriculture. It is a Business Town, Exporting Goods To Hyderabad, Sindh and Nawabshah.


The historical town of Saklund is populated both sides of National Highway, which was called Rawr ( راوڙ وارو رستو)in old times. Whereas in the periods of Talpur dynasty and the British rule, it was called Tapali Rasto (ٽپالي رستو). In the initial time of British rule it was called Naar waro rasto.[citation needed] Sindhu darya flows about 18 km in the western side of Sakrand. There are various such signs from where its clearly recognized that this old town is populated at the present location. Sakrand was previously a sub-division headquarter of Nawabshah.[citation needed]

An important historical town due to the ruling periods of Kalhora rule and Talpur rule. Major general Haig has mentioned about Sakrand in his book (The Indus Delta Country),[2][3] where as Albert William Hughes in his book Sindh gazetteer has also mentioned historical importance of Sakrand [4][5]


Sakrand is home to Sakrand Junction railway station, that is abandoned by the Pakistan railway.[6]

Trade & Business[edit]

Sakrand times

Sakrand Sugar Mill Ltd. has a crushing capacity of 6,500 metric tons of sugarcane per day. The sugar mill not only fulfills the domestic demands but also it has the capacity to export to other towns of the province.[7]

  • A newspaper Sakrand Times is published from Karachi.[citation needed]
  • Iqbal floor mill nawabshah road sakrand
  • Anwer ali khero floor mill Gt road sakrand
  • All pakistan Banana and Furit market nawabshah road sakrand
  • all sarafa assosution sarafa bazar sakrand


  • Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences
  • Government High School Sakrand, Nawabshah
  • Sachal Foundation college kainat nagar Sakrand
  • Academy of excellane school near Sayed Villa Khanzada Muhalla Sakrand
  • Ad Dawaah School near lakha house sakrand
  • Amanullah noonari karate school and club main road Sakrand 03063203218
  • government boys degree college Sakrand
  • Agricultural Training Institute College Hyderabad Road Sakrand
  • mehran Public School Sindhri Chowk Sakrand
  • modren public school near Chandio Pso Sakrand
  • city foundation school near Jhanda Gali Sakrand
  • Millat Public School near Lilla Abad Sakrand
  • Super Track Public School Lilla Abad Sakrand
  • Super English School Azeem Colony sakrand
  • Bhoongar Public School Azeem Colony Sakrand
  • Government girls degree college Sakrand
  • Government girls high school no :1 srhari road Sakrand
  • Government girls high school no :2 hospital road Sakrand
  • jinnah public school Qazi Ahmed Road Sakrand
  • G R Unar Public School Tanki Wali Gali Sakrand
  • Egale Public School Jhanda Gali Sakrand
  • Government Shabbir Ahmed Shah Boys Morning And Evening School Sakrand
  • Government Old main sindhi school old Sakrand since 1902
  • Oxford Public School Mehar Colony Sakrand
  • Sindh Leadership School Joniar Qazi Ahmed raod Sakrand
  • Sindh Leadership School Senior Wapda Colony Sakrand


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