Sakura Asagi

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Sakura Asagi
Born December 26
Nationality Japanese
Area(s) Manga artist
Notable works
Shōnen Onmyōji, Saint Beast

Sakura Asagi (あさぎ 桜, Asagi Sakura) is a Japanese animator, illustrator, and manga artist.

She contributed her character design for the series Shōnen Onmyōji and Saint Beast. Apart from illustrating for the novel series Shōnen Onmyōji, she also authors the manga, which acts as a gaiden for the main story which serializes in Kadokawa Shoten's Beans Ace.

Even so, it is not to be confused with Hinoko Seta who authors the manga adaptation of the series in Kadokawa Shoten's Monthly Asuka.




  • Sakura Asagi Illustration works: Saint Beast[1]


Character designs[edit]


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